NCV Research night 2018

Lecture Topics

Lecture 1 | Family | Tuesday 22 September, 7:30pm

The last fifty years in Australia has seen the widespread rejection of the Christian understanding of sex and marriage.This lecture will highlight some of the social difficulties that have been created by the erosion of the legal fundamentals of marriage. This has had profound consequences for family stability and the wellbeing of children, and left our society impoverished in many respects. One challenge for the churches in response to this is that there has been an erosion of belief in the Christian understanding of sex and marriage among professing Christians.

Lecture 2 | Religious Freedom | Wednesday 23 September, 7:30pm

Religious freedom depends on three other indispensable freedoms – freedom of speech, association, and conscience. All are being eroded in modern secular society by the ever-increasing reach of anti-discrimination laws and an expansive interpretation of what counts as ‘discrimination’ and ‘hate speech’. People of faith need the freedom to be different, and to maintain the identity and ethos of faithbased institutions. In an era after Christendom, this is one of the most important claims people of faith can make upon a secular society.

Lecture 3 | After Christendom? | Thursday 24 September, 7:30pm

Christians can offer a troubled world a better and more attractive alternative. To achieve this, Christians need to focus on the quality of family life and community, and preserve those freedoms that help communities flourish. In a multicultural society, all faiths will need to unite to preserve these freedoms. The pathway forward requires a new vision and direction for the churches, and raises issues for secular society as well – what will it mean in future for Australia to have a healthy and tolerant multicultural society?