Personal Reference

If you have been asked by an applicant to provide a Personal Reference to support their application to live at New College / New College Village, then please answer all questions in the form below. All information you submit will be treated confidentially.

Personal Reference
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    1. It would be appropriate here to mention any intellectual and cultural activities, sporting ability and attainments, or social and community involvement.
    Personal Strengths

    To the best of your knowledge of the applicant, please select up to six (6) personal strengths from the list below, and rank them from 1 - 6. 1 being the strongest personal strength, through to 6.

    Please DO NOT rank more than six personal strengths from the list, just the top six which apply to the applicant.

    These may be the things which you most admire or value about the applicant, or the things which you see they are most deeply committed to, by the decisions they make and how they spend their time.

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