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Alumni at 50th anniversary ball

Charlie Knight - Access Scholarship

2020 Recipient | Charlie Knight | Access Scholarship

You're giving access to life-changing education

Charlie KnightAccess Scholarships are given to students whose financial situation would otherwise prevent them experiencing all New College has to offer.

For Charlie, home is a 4500 acre property near Coonabarabran, NSW. Now in his first year of Mechatronic Engineering, he hopes to bring new technologies to rural communities. However, the devastating drought and a severe medical trauma almost put a stop to his dreams of further studies.

I was reconsidering whether I would go to university at all. The Access Scholarship provided me with just enough financial security to come to College with confidence and safety.

College has been a "rollercoaster of excitement and growth" for Charlie. The spirit of kindness, gratitude and generosity made it quickly feel like home to him. As he continues,

College is home away from home, family among strangers, a place to love and be loved.

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