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COVID-19 College Precautions

This bulletin was last updated on 14/10/22. It will continue to be updated on an as needs basis.

The Australian Federal Government will remove all COVID-19 restrictions for the general public from Friday, 14 October 2022.

Consequently, our college treatment of COVID transitioned to become a normal part of our overall infectious disease management in college. As stated in the College handbook, the College will need to remain informed of any sickness. If anyone (staff, residents and official guests) exhibits COVID-related symptoms, we will be asking them to be tested and restrict their contact with other members of the community. This will include special handwashing and wearing a mask in public areas. After 14 October, we no longer require full isolation. COVID or not, we will always be providing assistance for residents to access medical help, with meals or other support, as appropriate.

At New College, we will be asking those with COVID symptoms to use a separate bathroom.

Sincere thanks for supporting our colleges in journeying through what has been a difficult two and a half years.

Please also be assured that the Deans and I have been carefully monitoring COVID infections across both communities. As with any infectious disease, if we observe any evidence of cross-infection within the community, we will be notifying residents accordingly and reimposing appropriate restrictions.