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2021 New College Lectures - Nurture: Confronting a Crisis

Tuesday 5 October, 2021-Thursday 7 October 2021
7:30 pm-9:30 pm
Type: New College Lectures
Location: Livestream

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What are the Lectures about?

Mental health is at the forefront of the Australian conversation. There is now more awareness and less stigma surrounding mental health than there has been for much of recent history. But the statistics show that we have a snowballing situation on our hands. Our systems cannot meet the ever-growing demand for mental health care and services. In this lecture series, Dr Jenny Brown will consider how nurture can prevent and relieve mental health difficulties. In each lecture, she will present an approach to mental health that values personal responsibility; views family as a resource; and embraces human failings with hope.

Lecture 1 | Nurturing Yourself | Tuesday 5 October, 7:30pm

How do we best nurture ourselves in our relationships, cultivating self-regulation and maturity, rather than dependency or entitlement?

Lecture 2 | The Nurturing Family | Wednesday 6 October, 7:30pm

How can families best form a nurturing environment that encourages resilience and healthy relationships?

Lecture 3 | Nurture in Community | Thursday 7 October, 7:30pm

What is a ‘nurturing community’ and how do we get there? How do we accept the difficult reality of individual weakness and encourage restoration in times of failure? This lecture will focus specifically on church communities, but the principles discussed will be applicable to other community groups.

Meet the Lecturer - Dr Jenny Brown

Director Emeritus of the Family Systems Institute

Dr Jenny Brown is Director Emeritus of the Family Systems Institute (FSI) in Sydney, Australia. FSI has been providing training and clinical services in Bowen family systems approaches since 2004. She has over 35 years’ clinical experience in child, couple, and family health. Her primary clinical and research interest has been in family and mental health. In 2012, she authored the book Growing Yourself Up and in 2020 she released Confident Parenting. In 2018, Dr Brown received the Australian and New Zealand Family Therapy Journal award for distinguished contribution to the field. Dr Brown continues to publish extensively and was awarded her doctorate by UNSW Sydney in 2017.