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2005 New College Awards Go To Deserving Winners

Monday 14 November, 2005
by New College Admin
All of the 2005 New College awards were well deserved.

The Mick Braund Award is the top award for community and social service in the College, named in memory of Mick Braund who died in a car accident in 1982. Mick was committed to serving others in his time at College. In 2005 the award went to Kathrine Lee who did a lot of fundraising and community work this year. Katherine raised in excess of $11,000 for Oxfam, she even went on a Trek to raise funds. Other fundraising in the College included guessing competitions and taste testing.

The New College award was the highlight of the evening resulting in tumultuous applause and an extended standing ovation. The popular ‘people’s choice’ (even though this award is chosen by the Dean of Residents in consultation with the Master!) winner for 2005 was Singaporean student Wah Guan Lim. Wah has been a social lynch pin in College life, enhancing the level of cross cultural exchange and relations between the International and Australian students. Wah has achieved highly in academic studies and has provided fellowship and support to the College community.

In his award speech Dean of Residents, Dr James Pietsch said:

This year’s recipient is no different [to previous New College award winners] having excelled so far in their chosen area of study and since I arrived here has stood out as someone who strives to engage with others and encourage intellectual debate. As stated in this person’s nomination: ... they are an outspoken person, keen to evoke discussion on religion, politics and even things they have no idea about!" The recipient of this year’s New College award has achieved a number of awards for their academic work having been awarded a scholarship this year. This person will often ask questions of others about what they are studying displaying a keenness for learning that extends well beyond the boundaries of their chosen course."

The 2005 NCSA Collegian of the Year was Mitsu Sumiya who engaged in a large amount of work as the Head of the NCSA Network and Resources Committee. In that role he revitalised the student resources room and computer network. He also set up a NCSA website and intranet, another innovation was the creation of a digitial photo board of College residents. On top of this Mitsu was an invaluable member of the NCSA exectuive, serving in the vital role of Treasurer. In this role Mitsu managed the NCSA budget, payed bills and coordinated the finances generally.

The NCSA community service and sports awards highlighted the willingness of different people to support other people in College and contribute to the College community as a whole. Service winners included: Heather Hanks, Sarah Zardawi, Tim Owen, Dean McGeary and Brendan Jones.

Peter Thompson was the Male Sportsman of the Year and Billie Thorne won Female Sportswoman of the Year. Andrew Emery one the Matt Giblin Award for his humour and wit.

John Quinn was inducted into the New College Students Association as an Honorary Life Member and expressed his appreciation at this honour and told students to make the most of their time in residence and to cherish the relationships and experiences they get while at New College.

With over 80 people Valediciting at the last Formal Dinner for the year the night was long! The 2005 Valdeictory dinner was humorous, enjoyable and entertaining.