Do You Have A Plan? Asks UNSW Vice-Chancellor

Wednesday 27 September, 2006
by New College Admin
UNSW Vice-Chancellor Prof Fred Hilmer AO was Guest Speaker at last night's New College Session Two Commencement formal dinner.

Prof Hilmer began his appointment as UNSW Vice-Chancellor on June 19. He used his July 26 address to talk to the residents about planning for life. In his remarks the Vice-Chancellor referred to the fact that he was 'delighted' to be at his first formal dinner, on his first visit to a UNSW residential college. When he asked his predecessor whether or not he should accept the invitation to be the guest speaker Prof Wainwright said "absolutely you should go!"

The Vice-Chancellor shared his thoughts and experiences on the value and importance of planning in a general sense for all aspects of life. He has had to employ planning in most of the roles he has had in his professional career. Prof Hilmer did quote the proverb that 'men plan and the Gods laugh' but still encouraged the audience to be thoughtful planners. Prof Hilmer stressed that if you don't know where you are going, you rush with nowhere to go.

He said there are four stages in planning - one, the tooling up (or preparation) stage; two picking the right arena or environment to be in; three - becoming 'independent'; and four - 'giving back' or contributing. In terms of vocation and career choices Prof Hilmer encouraged the residents to ask themselves three questions throughout their future careers. Is it going to be fun? Is what you are doing worth doing? And are you going to be fairly renumerated and rewarded for your efforts? Prof Hilmer took four questions from the floor and expressed the view that work shouldn't be something where the employee has to work long hours etc just because they are fairly renumerated, Prof Hilmer stressed the importance of having an honest relationship with your employer where a balance exists between work and the rest of your life.

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