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'Mrs Movies' Popular Guest Speaker At New College End Of Session Formal Dinner

Saturday 6 January, 2007
by New College Admin
Mrs Margaret Pomeranz makes an entertaining guest at New College.

Popular film critic, industry insider and co-presenter of ABC TV’s At the Movies Mrs Margaret Pomeranz was guest speaker at New College’s recent end of session formal dinner. Gathered to hear Mrs Pomeranz were 260 residents, board members, staff and alumni guests.

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In her address Mrs Pomeranz recounted her love and passion for the Australia film industry and how she became involved in the industry from early on in her career. Mrs Pomeranz has been a film script write, has produced and directed television and for the past twenty years has been a professional film critic.

Mrs Pomeranz told the audience of her fond memories of a golden age of Australian film during the seventies and eighties when a large number of classic Australian films were produced (Gallipoli, Picnic at Hanging Rock, and My Brilliant Career etc) to great critical acclaim and success domestically and internationally.

Mrs Pomeranz mentioned the significance in this period of strong Federal government support for Australian film through policies such as the 10BA tax scheme which provided extremely attractive tax relief for investing in Australian films.

This support resulted in the growth of a new generation of creative people with increased opportunities to take on film production which led to the local and global emergence of the successful Australian feature film.

The massive increase in amount of Australian productions led to forty or more films being made each year, the local market is now doing well if it produces half that number each year! The success or failure of Australian films with the local market is another historical issue that has been witnessed over the past three decades.

Mrs Pomeranz spoke about the development of the film ‘franchise’ in recent years with the creation not just of sequels to popular first films, but the creation of an entertainment vehicle that as a brand keeps creating new products to deliver to a hungry market of consumers (Ocean’s Thirteen, Shrek the Third and Spiderman 3 to name some).

Mrs Pomeranz inspired her audience with her passion for film and its power as an important artistic and cultural form. The audience asked questions including what is the future of film in the digital age. Mrs Pomeranz pointed to the development of 3D technology for films as one future direction that is being invested in. Also discussed were the various lists of the most popular and best films and Mrs Pomeranz's views on them. Some controversy occured when Mrs Pomeranz expressed her personal opinion that Citizen Kane was not her 'all time' number one pick! Mrs Pomeranz shared that her number one film pick is Nashville.

After the dinner residents and guests spent as much time as possible talking with Mrs Pomeranz asking questions and seeking her views on current and past films.