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New College Announces Changes To Case

Friday 5 January, 2007
by New College Admin
Dr Greg Clarke leaves CASE directorship after four years.

Since 2002, New College has funded and maintained the Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education (CASE). The Centre was established under the leadership of the Master of New College, Professor Trevor Cairney who was its first director. Dr Greg Clarke was appointed as its first full-time director in 2003. Under Greg's leadership, the Centre has built an Australia-wide reputation for high quality Christian scholarship, significant events, meaningful resources and publications. To date, 10 issues of Case, the Centre's premiere apologetics journal have been published.

After three and a half years, Dr Clarke is leaving his role at New College to take up a position as Director of the Macquarie Christian Studies Institute, and to co-direct a new Centre called Public Christianity Australia which will promote the public understanding of Christianity in the Sydney CBD and beyond.

The College thanks Greg for his tireless work and his personal contribution to making CASE a key resource provider in educating the community on the place of the Christian worldview.

The College will continue the CASE project, and sees it as a key vehicle for apologetic discussion and scholarship within the College, on the UNSW campus and within the wider community. The College intends to strengthen the readership and impact of Case magazine, and to continue to host lectures, seminars and events dedicated to promoting Christian understanding and scholarship across a broad range of topics.

Professor Trevor Cairney will assume the role of Director of the Centre, and will work with supporters of the Centre to strengthen the impact of the work. To do this, he will seek to broaden and deepen the involvement of CASE Associates and the UNSW community in the identification of key issues for discussion and debate in our quarterly magazine, via our online resources and through Centre and College events. He will establish an editorial committee to work with him on Case magazine and to inform the Centre's agenda for public discussion and debate.

CASE invites expressions of interest in membership of this key editorial group. These should be directed to Professor Cairney at

“We are grateful for the foundational work that Dr Clarke has contributed to building CASE and its strong network of associates. CASE is an important part of our ministry to residents and the University community and a vehicle for promoting Christian understanding in the wider community. We look forward to working with others to strengthen the College's vital apologetic work,” Professor Trevor Cairney, Master of New College said when making the announcement today.

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