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New College Lecture Series 2007 - Transcripts & Audio Available!

Tuesday 9 January, 2007
by New College Admin
Prof. Oliver O’Donovan's New College Lectures material is now available.

The audio files & transcripts of Oliver O'Donovan's lecture presentations are available for download (at no cost). Visit the Lectures material here»

The New College Lecture Series 2007 focussed on the important topic of Moral Reasoning. The title for the Series: Morally Awake? Admiration and Resolution in the light of Christian faith»

To view a summary of the 2007 New College Lectures by New College Master Professor Trevor Cairney visit his Just in CASE Blog post: O'Donovan on Moral Reasoning»

To cater to the common interest in and concern for this topic all three of Professor O’Donovan’s New College Lecture Series 2007 presentations digitally recorded. The lecture audio files and transcripts (PDF) are now available to download»

In his first lecture Professor Oliver O’Donovan used the metaphor of “wakefulness” (the mind alert to shape decisions and actions) to consider what it means for humans to make right choices based on what is “good” and “right”.

Wakefulness is a metaphor Prof. O'Donovan argues that unites self-attentiveness, world-attentiveness and attentiveness to time. His second lecture focussed on Admiring - admiring what is good. In his third lecture he considered "Resolving" - resolving to do what is right.

In commenting on this landmark Lecture Series which almost 800 people had registered to attend, New College Master Professor Trevor Cairney said:

Oliver O’Donovan is one of the most insightful theologians and Christian ethicists actively engaged today. He stands out as someone who challenges us to rethink our biblical understanding and his writing is grounded in a full understanding of the whole Bible. He has a wonderful grasp of Scripture and applies this faithfully to political theology and ethics in a way I think no one else does at the moment.”

Interest in the Lecture Series has been strong with 320 people attending the first lecture on Tuesday September 4 at The John Niland Scientia Building at UNSW. The Wednesday and Thursday nights saw large audiences with registrations almost 250 for each of the second and third lectures held at New College.