New College O'Week 2008

Saturday 3 May, 2008
by New College Admin
O'Week started on Saturday 1st March.

New College has welcomed 101 freshers into its community!

New College O’Week 2008 is now up to Day 5. The activities have been wonderfully organised by the 2008 O’Week committee comprised of Katherine Beck, George Davis, James Tibbett, Sarah Perkins, Jake Weragooda and Edwina Whiteside. Old residents returned to College a week early for O’Week 2008 to take part in the wide array of activities organised for the new residents. These include a Harbour Cruise, Jet Boating, skit night, Karaoke, Fresher vs Oldies debating competition, sleep out, Frehsers formal dinner, BBQ at Bronte beach and opportunities for people to visit different parts of Sydney including Manly waterslides, Rose Bay, North Sydney and the CBD. These activities enable new residents to become a part of the College community meeting other new residents and returning ('old') residents as well.

O’Week 2008 also has activities with a more serious aspect to them. With all new residents set to attend Information sessions on the running of the College and sessions providing information concerning the College’s policies relating to alcohol in the building and harassment. All new residents are also to attend sessions run by Brent Sanders informing them about different issues relating to sexual and other forms of harassment.