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Annual Appeal 2009

Friday 19 June, 2009
by New College Admin
In May New College mailed its annual Appeal.

Each year we prepare an annual appeal inviting alumni and friends to support New College in its mission of promoting collegiality, academic excellence and service to society. Alumni members and supporters of New College know how valuable the New College experience can be.

Sadly, every year there are applicants who have great potential to shape this community and could benefit from being at New who often cannot come because of financial hardship. Those who choose to come despite financial difficulties are faced with the daunting prospect of juggling study and work to afford College. This year we have witnessed greater needs than ever, even amongst our returning residents.

In our appeal letter we included a quote from Alumni member Bill Barwick, which says in part: “I am a donor myself and I urge others to give to New College as well. I think it is more important than ever to provide a support program of scholarships and bursaries to ensure that students can get access to the College at an equitable cost. I encourage you to become actively involved in the future of another generation of students at New College by contributing to this College scholarship program.”

We hope you can support this need. To support NC click here

Mark Fairfull