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Life And Death In Focus At New College Lectures

Friday 9 January, 2009
by New College Admin
Prof John Wyatt has delivered his first New College Lecture on Bioethics

Last night Prof John Wyatt presented the first of three public lectures in the annual New College Lectures. His first talk was titled "Bioethics and Creation".

He spoke with humility and compassion about the struggles that medical practitioners face every day due to advances in technology and science that open up choices not previously available. He also spoke graciously of the decisions ordinary people make in their daily lives as they deal with infertility, disability, degenerative illness, the risks of unplanned pregnancy, and foetal abnormalities and disease. Read more»

MP3 files for all three lectures will be available here by Friday.

A different view of what it is to be human in turn leads to different hopes, aspirations and expectations for life and death.

For those in Sydney Prof Wyatt will present his second lecture at New College this evening (Wed 9 Sept) at 7.30pm. The topic is “Bioethics and Redemption" and will be followed by the third and final lecture "Bioethcis and Future Hope" on Thursday (10 Sept) at 7.30pm. Full event details are available here.