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New College Videos On Youtube

Tuesday 2 June, 2009
by New College Admin
New TV channel will be populated with videos showing the richness of College life

New College is continuing to develop its web prescence in response to the changing trends in the use of world wide web technology and web design concepts that have led to the advent of social networking sites (e.g. Facebook and MySpace) and video sharing sites, led by YouTube. Add to that Wikis and Blogs. In line with these trends the College currently has three websites, one Wiki page, two Blogs (both edited by the College's Master Prof Trevor Cairney) and now one YouTube Channel. Not to mention a series of unofficial New College Alumni and residents' Facebook Pages, there's already a new NCV Facebook Page set up promoting events and community life at the new NCV.

If you would like to view the videos uploaded to our YouTube Channel so far click on the pictures below:

Alex is an Australian Womens Cricketer - Former Collegian Alex Blackwell (2002-2003) shares a bit about her life post College and the effect New College had on her.

Georgina Barrett-See reflects - Georgina Barrett-See describes her College experience and commends it to others considering becoming Future Residents.

Warman win for New Collegians - In 2007 two New College residents Nathan Symonds and Jay Davey, along with their UNSW team mates - won the 20th Warman Student Design-and-Build Competition National Finals for UNSW.

Does Christianity have a place in today's intellectual world - 2006 CASE Scholar Justine Toh interviews people on the campus of the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, to get their opinions.

The College's YouTube Channel Address to bookmark/add to Favorites is» Keep checking back to this Channel as more videos will be added over the coming months. As part of our 40th Anniversary celebrations we hope to add a number of Alumni profiles and video reflections to our Alumni Playlist by Alumni for the whole New College community. The details:

The New College Experience (2 Videos) Reflections on life at New College, and life since New College by the Alumni population.

Mark Fairfull