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The Australian Medical Student Journal (AMSJ)

Friday 9 January, 2009
by New College Admin
New College & NCV residents create Australia’s first national medical student journal

The Australian Medical Student Journal (AMSJ): Students of New College and the New College Village working together to make Australia’s first national medical student journal a reality.

The Australian Medical Student Journal (AMSJ) is a brand new academic publication being launched out of UNSW that just opened for submissions on the 1st of September.

Behind this initiative is a combination of New College (NC) and New College Village (NCV) talent! The founders of the journal are Matt Schiller (pictured centre) (4th Year Arts/Medicine, NC Medicine Tutor), Timothy Yang (pictured right) (4th Year Medicine, NCV Medicine Tutor), and Hassan Ahmad (pictured left) (3rd Year Medicine, 3rd Year Innovation & Entrepreneurship). After having the idea for the journal in April, they have worked with the help of the UNSW Faculty of Medicine and other groups to get this initiative off the ground. Matt and Tim are the Journal’s Editors-in-Chief, while Hassan is the Communications and Public Relations Officer.

So what is the AMSJ? Basically, it is a peer-reviewed print and online publication operated entirely by medical students that will accept submissions from students. A broad variety of submissions are accepted, including original research articles, review articles, case reports, feature articles (conference reports, elective reports, and essays), book reviews, and letters. The journal is particularly looking for content that will be of interest to a medical student readership. The AMSJ is based here at UNSW, but will be accepting submissions from all over Australia and will be distributed country-wide.

Other New Collegians and New College Villagers of past and present are also involved on the staff of the AMSJ: Claire Lawley, Eleanor Cook, Geoff Arthurson, Helena Jang, Jad Othman, and Sean Kelly. It is great to see students of our two colleges working together on such a massive and impressive undertaking. We would encourage the Alumni and Friends of the college to support this venture however they can.

Submissions for the inaugural issue of the AMSJ close on the 1st of November, 2009. Please see for all details.