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The Many Marriages And Engagements Of New

Wednesday 7 January, 2009
by New College Admin
New College has a strong tradition of collegiality.

The strength of the College community and the bonds people form at New often lead to lifelong friendships. While at New College Collegian’s often unite in a common purpose. It’s no surprise that lifelong partnerships are also formed. In almost every New ’n’ Old we have a new series of nuptials, births or engagements to report.

David Lockart (NC 2003–05) and Rebekah Lockart (nee Milham) (NC 2006–08) were married in Orange on 29 November 2008 by Ben Gooley (NC 1994–96). About 60 current and former collegians were present at the ceremony, with Daniel Morris (NC 2003–05), Ian Lockart (NC 2005–07) and Christopher Rowe (NC 2003–06) as groomsmen. Music at the ceremony was provided by Matthew Frazer (NC 2004–06) and Elizabeth Frazer (NC 2006–07), Sara Wilson (NC 2005–08), Anthony Allen (NC 2007–08) and David Conway (NC 2006–09) and at the garden reception by another new New Collegian, Rebekah’s younger brother Nathan Milham (NC 2009–present). This was a second generation ollegian wedding – David’s parents Grant (NC 1973–76) and Sue (nee Mountain) (NC 1974-75) were residents in the mid-1970s.

Daniel Cummings (NC 2003–06) and Stephanie Pain (NC 2005–06) were married in Armidale on 6 December 2008. Dan and Steph met while at College and “are incredibly happy about that fact”. Dan can still be seen on the Netball Shield and Steph can be seen if you are visiting in their new home together in the New College Village … wait, Newcastle. Alison Gilmour (NC 2003–2005), Trudi Beck (NC 2005–07), Stephen Gilmour (NC 2003–05), Chris Rowe (NC 2003–06) and Sahm Nasseri (NC 2003–06) (pictured below) were all grooms people with practically everything from music to prayer being fulfilled by ex-Collegians. Dan and Steph had “a riot” at their wedding … but rather than use a thousand words they have provided these fun pictures (below). Special mention to Trevor and Carmen who made the trip, also seen to be behaving mischievously in the photo below.

Michael McLean (NC 2005–07) and Belinda Thorne (NC 2003–06) were married at Christ Church Springwood on 7 March 2009. Ex-Collegians Lachlan Flame” Rogers (NC 2004–07), Timothy Rowe (NC 2005–07), and Kim Hoa Scruton (NC 2004–07) were all part of the bridal party, and Ben Gooley fficiated at the service. Rebecca Rowe (NC 2004) was among those ho prayed for the couple. Other Collegians involved in the service ncluded: Matthew Frazer, Sara Wilson (NC 2005–08), David and Rebekah Lockart, Rodney Towner (NC 2005–07), Jonathan Barnett (NC 2005–08) and Anthony Allen, who provided the music, and Christopher Bailey (NC 2005–08) on tech. In all 34 New Collegians attended, with Jonathan Barnett and Christine Lang (NC 2004-present) being the MCs at the Reception at Springwood Country Club.

In other 2009 weddings ex-Collegian Jane Barr (NC 2004–07) married Daniel Hill; and on 25 April 2009 Melinda Fletcher (NC 2003–07) married Thomas Bolton, they now live in Forster and work in separate optometry practices.

The following engagements have been announced since the last publication of New 'n' Old: ex-Collegian Anthony Allen and current Collegian Laura Parker (NC 2007–present), who plan to married in June; Katie Avery (NC 2007) and Michael Nielsen (NC 2006) were married in July; Christopher Bailey will also marry later this year; and Timothy Rowe (NC 2005–07) and Sarah Lang (NC 2006–08) announced their engagement on 8 June 2009.

In other news we can announce that Joe and Carly Hardy (nee McGuire) (NC 2003–05) gve birth to Nadia on 7 September 2008

weighing in at 3.29 kilos.

Mark Fairfull