New College Alumni Reunion 2010

Friday 1 January, 2010
by New College Admin
Alumni have arranged to have another reunion in North Sydney

In October 2004 Former Collegians from the years 1980-1985 held a highly successful reunion at the Living Room Restaurant at Greenwood Plaza (North Sydney). The event was organised by David Green and a small band of other volunteers. Approximately 130 members of the alumni were present. The organisers invited the Master and his wife Carmen to the event and also asked Professor Cairney to say a few words at the start of the evening.

Alumnus David Green is coordinating another reunion which the Master and Alumni Coordinator will attend. David has organzied a “cocktails and canapés” style event on Saturday 13 March 2010. General vintage is those in the college in the 80s, but we are not excluding any Alumni member. Some people have asked whether partners are invited - they are welcome to come as well (but not mandatory).

The Old New Reunion

Venue: ”The Living Room” at Greenwood Plaza in North Sydney

Date: 13 March 2010

Time: 6:00 pm to 12:00 am (thereafter “the Dave Kelly mystery tour”!)

Ticket: Cost is $30. Covers food, as well as any other incidental costs. (Anything not spent would be put into lucky door prizes or as a donation).

Please buy your ticket now, to do so contact us at the Alumni Office (, 02 9381 1740) and we will provide you with the payment details or David Green's direct contact details.