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A New NCSA Executive

Friday 14 October, 2011
by Jonathan Billingham
New College residents have elected the 2012 Student Executive Team

On Tuesday morning the Staff, Student Group (S.S.G.) met for the last time for 2011. The meeting was conducted over breakfast and included members of staff and both the outgoing and incoming executive teams of the New College Students’ Association (NCSA). Congratulations to the incoming leader of the NCSA, Daniel May (President) and his team. The 2012 NCSA team will be:

· President: Daniel May

· Secretary: Tom Boak

· Treasurer: Matthew Zaidan

· Male Sports Director: Stuart Taylor

· Female Sports Director: Laura Butterworth

· Amenities Officer: Emma Corcoran

· Social Director: James Heydon

· Social Director: Lucy McMullen

Congratulations to the 2011 NCSA Executive Team and all of the NCSA subcommittees who have done a wonderful job organizing so many wonderful events and initiatives for residents of New College to participate in. New College residents have benefited from the hard work of the NCSA President, Tim Graham and his dedicated team.The 2011 NCSA team have been:

· President: Tim Graham

· Treasurer: Joshua Chakravarty

· Secretary: Lucy Murrie

· Male Sports Director: Tom Wright

· Female Sports Director: Telise Peet

· Social Director: Jamie Cham

· Social Director: Jacob Hyland

· Amenities Officer: Joseph Molloy