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NCV Formal Dinner with Guest Speaker Professor Jane McAdam

Friday 28 October, 2011
by Jonathan Billingham

Prof McAdamOn Thursday 13th October, residents of the New College Village community gathered for the third and final NCV Formal Dinner of 2011. The event was also attended by staff, members of the College Board and special guest speaker, Professor Jane McAdam.

A beautiful three course meal was prepared for the occasion by the Scolarest catering staff, beginning with an entree of Smoked Salmon on a Paella Rice Pilaf. The main course featured Mediterranean Chicken and dessert, a Mango & Macadamia Cheesecake with Ice Cream & Passionfruit Sauce. The dessert proved very popular, appropriate selection with the spring evenings warming up and mangoes coming back into season!

NCV residents took part in the evening’s proceedings. A prayer, thanking God for the food, was said by James Lam. Early in the evening Christopher Chen performed Edvard Grieg’s Piano Sonata Op. 7, 2nd Movement “Andante Molto”. The performance demonstrated a mature level of musicianship and a sensitivity to performing piano works of the late-romantic era.

The centerpiece of all NCV Formal Dinners is the address by a guest speaker. On this occasion, Professor Jane McAdam of the UNSW Law Faculty provided very interesting discourse relating to her academic specialty, International Refugee and Migration Law. Recently, Professor McAdam has appeared in the media on numerous occasions for her criticism of both the Federal Government and Opposition policies relating to Refugee Law.

In her address, Professor McAdam placed Australia’s current political debate within a broader picture of International Refugee Law. She provided the College community with a historical perspective, drawing on the experiences of Vietnamese fleeing to Australia. Later McAdam posed questions about future Refugee Law and how climate change might affect international policies. In particular, Professor McAdam drew attention to the plight of the people of Tuvalu, whose Pacific Island land is under threat of being completely swamped by rising sea levels of the next fifty years. The mass migration that would ensue from such events would present the international community with problems that international law currently fails to sufficiently address.

Professor McAdam gave NCV residents the opportunity to ask questions before NCV resident, Ms Diane Wong, gave the Vote of Thanks on behalf of the College community. Board Member Mrs. Elizabeth George said a closing prayer and then residents enjoyed informally catching up over tea and coffee.