2012 NCV Talent Night

Wednesday 22 August, 2012
by Jonathan Billingham

Residents of New College Village (NCV) have again demonstrated that they live in and contribute to a community that is full of talent. On Friday the 10th of August, NCV residents gathered in the Main Common Room for the ‘2012 NCV Talent Night’.

The night started out with the NCV choir performing ‘When you Believe’ from Prince of Egypt accompanied by Premilla Chinappa Quinn on the piano. This was followed by a short animation clip created by resident Shu Low. Residents were also treated to a lovely piano piece (Rondo Capriccioso op.14 by F. Mendelssohn) played by resident Joni Mok.

One of the highlights of the event was resident Vivien Lee’s rendition of ‘Valerie’ which wowed the audience as they clapped along to the beat. Next up, resident Natalia Novozhilova performed a beautiful modern jazz dance routine. A surprise of the night was an act by residents Theresa Crossing and Tim Amos. What started out as a simple juggling act turned into an acrobatic act leaving the audience gasping with amazement. The evening took a more dramatic turn as resident Ahsan Kabir belted out a hindi song (Na Jaane Koyi) accompanied by residents Ria Dev and Pesila Ratnayake.

Resident daredevil Kevin Phang with the help of Platini Lee and Majid Sepanji then took to the stage to perform an acrobatic act called ‘the human flag’. Then Platini Lee left the audience in stitches with his stand-up comedy. Cecilia White caught everyone’s attention with her poetry reading performance entitled ‘A Haunting of Nightvowels’ and Stephan Chikazaza, a ‘usual’ in previous NCV Music Nights left the audience in awe, performing one of his own compositions.

The night ended with a bang as the NCV Band performed ‘Somebody that I used to know’, ‘If you’re Gone’ and ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. Of course, at the NCV, the show isn’t over till the fat penguin dances. NCV’s very own mascot, Frank took to the stage, getting the crowd pumped up while performing the steps to some well known dances.