Sub-Continental Cultural Night

Monday 29 October, 2012
by Jonathan Billingham

NCV is home to residents from all over the world, including a good number from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. One of the great events that led by residents in 2012 was a Cultural Night showcasing various aspects of sub-continental culture.

The evening started with a series of video presentations about India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Resident Shaupnil Khan then sang two Bengali songs, accompanied by Shamila Vijayanmohar on piano and Pesila Ratnayake on guitar. Ria Dev then performed some Hindi songs with Gagan Singh and Adheesh Ramani, again accompanied by Shamila and Pesila.

Later in the evening, a fabulous set of dances was performed by the NCV dance troupe, which includes Ria, Geetha, Ashi, Zeynep, Vivien, Tamara, Sumi & Geetu. Geetu Vanjani taught more than a hundred NCV residents who were in attendance a simple dance routine. Afterward, residents moved out into the NCV Courtyard to enjoy some delicious Indian food prepared by resident Uma Chellapandi and her team. The evening was a great showcase of sub-continental culture. Being able to participate in events like this is a great benefit of living in a community like NCV.