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Master's Challenge

Wednesday 28 August, 2013
by Jonathan Billingham
NCV Wins the Master's Challenge

Over the last three years The Master’s Challenge has been hotly contested by New College and NCV sporting men and women. In August, the sister colleges again met, this time on the NCV grounds. New Collegians joined residents of NCV to watch from the sidelines and from balconies surrounding the lawn of NCV’s central courtyard, which was converted into a (not quite standard) badminton court for the occasion.

Each college fielded competitors for Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles badminton matches.

NCV player, Robin Au, was successful in overcoming his New Collegian opponent, beating Alex Mayer 2 sets to 1. In the Women’s Singles Rachel Beale put in an impressive effort for New College but NCV’s Sahar Ziapour played very strongly on the day winning in 2 straight sets. Only in the Mixed Doubles did New Collegians triumph when Alicia McCormick and Dulana Jayawardinaoutplayed their NCV counterparts, Pesila Ratnayake and Katherine Tay, winning 2-1. While NCV went in as favourites and came out on top, New College put on a good show.

A single-set exhibition match was also played between the Dean of NCV, Dr John Quinn, and the Dean of New College, Rev. Ben Gooley. After a strong start, Quinn fended off a late 9-point comeback from Gooley to maintain NCV’s winning trend and win 21-18. NCV mascots Frank the Fat Penguin and New College’s Bobdog were both present but kept their sparring off-court.

The day was great fun, with glorious weather and some good connections made between the communities, both off the field with pizza being served for lunch, and on the field in fun competition.