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NCV approaching its 5th Birthday!!!

Tuesday 13 August, 2013
by Jonathan Billingham

NCV residents meet on all seven floors for Monday night supper.The New College Village (NCV) is a vibrant new residential community at the University of New South Wales. Even though the NCV has only been open for four and a half years a deep sense of community has developed among the residents and its fledgling alumni community. As the College approaches its fifth birthday and looks back at these formative years the most wonderful trait of the community has been the friendly and diverse people who have come from over 60 nations to make NCV their home while they study at UNSW. This diversity has been an enormous opportunity for the many Australian citizens living at NCV. The deep cross-cultural friendships that have developed in NCV are a microcosm symbolic of the wider picture of Sydney and our nation. Australians have much to be thankful for when we consider the contributions made by those who have migrated here to study, research, work and live.

NCV was created, in part, to fill a significant need identified by the University of New South Wales management; to create new accommodation on campus so as to reduce the need for its students to commute; and to cater for a high number of international students struggling to find an appropriate place to live near the university.

A number of new UNSW accommodation providers have opened their doors in the last five years and this has significantly increased the number of student rooms available on the Kensington campus. The apartment style accommodation providers, UNSW Village and the University Terraces, have added a significant number of beds to the main campus. The redevelopment of the Kensington Colleges will also see the number of places increase.

As the accommodation market has become more competitive NCV differentiates itself by:

If you are a student looking for accommodation at UNSW, we think it is important you look for a College that really values genuine community. New College has always recognised that living on campus is not just about finding a place to live and study.

While NCV is still fairly new, the sense of community within its grounds has grown rapidly. This is due, in part, to culture derived from the original New College, a fully catered College that has been providing accommodation, pastoral care, academic support and strong social, artistic and sporting programs since 1969.

The provision of pastoral care and academic support are also distinctive traits of NCV, but NCV is not a carbon copy of the original New. It is distinct in many ways, not least because it is primarily a self-catered community (with a catered option). NCV residents live in studios and apartments. While they can have their own private space there are also many common areas to hang out with fellow residents. There are 14 common rooms, a games room, a rooftop terrace, three courtyards and other study spaces.

Each year, more of our residents are getting involved in running community activities with the support of the college administration. Research seminars for both postgraduate and undergraduate students are run monthly by the Dean. There are plenty of social, artistic and musical events and NCV competes against New College in sport during the Masters Challenge.

If you are looking to move on campus at the University of New South Wales, consider applying to live at NCV. It is a fun, young community where deep friendships are forged.