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Ria Dev and Tamara Certain Win NCV Award

Tuesday 17 December, 2013
by Jonathan Billingham
Residents who have made important contributions to our community.

The NCV Award is made on an annual basis to the student resident who, in the opinion of the Selection Committee (Master, Dean, Assistant Dean and Senior Academic Tutor) has made the greatest contribution to fostering the community life of NCV during that calendar year. Normally the NCV Award would be given to just a single person, but this year the College was faced with the conundrum of having two, equally deserving recipients and so offered the NCV Award as a joint award.

The NCV Award for 2013 is shared between Ria Dev and Tamara Certain.

Ria Dev joined NCV in the middle of 2011 from her home in Singapore. She quickly established herself as an active participant in the social and cultural life of NCV, participating in musical activities such as the Choir and Band, as well as joining the Bollywood dancing group. Ria has been the organiser of two Indian Cultural Nights, putting in an extraordinary amount of work to organise items and coordinate the large teams involved in these events and helping to choreograph the Bollywood dancing performances at those events. She has been heavily involved in activities on her floor, organising Bollywood movie nights for people to sample Indian culture and film. Her impressive voice has been instrumental in the success of the NCV Band “Noise Complaint”, including two fabulous performances at Formal Dinners.

The Second recipient of the NCV Award, Tamara Certain, joined NCV at the start of 2012, when she commenced studies toward her Masters degree. She quickly established herself as a key member of the NCV community, quietly working behind the scenes to make NCV a friendly and welcoming place to people from all over the world. When there is an event on you are likely to find Tamara doing the grocery shopping, helping with the cooking or decorating the room. She naturally brings people together, and has been a key person in fostering the community on her floor over the last two years. She has been a member of the NCV Choir, sung with the NCV Band, performed in India Night, represented her native France at the NCV Cultural Night and even helped out with the Jamaica Celebrations.

2013 NCV Service Awards

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NCV Service Awards are awarded to residents who have made important contributions to community life at NCV during the year.