2015 NCV Tennis Table Tournament

Wednesday 26 August, 2015
by Rachael Harland
Featuring NCV’s best and most enthusiastic table tennis players.


The 2015 NCV Table Tennis Tournament was held over the course of three days and tested the mettle of NCV’s best and most enthusiastic table tennis players.

The tournament kicked off with a gruelling group stage that saw some surprising competitors emerge from the depths. Players like Beryl Li and Sonny Wong emerged as dark horses in a line-up that featured more experienced and regular players. On the second day, the quarter-finals saw the pressure begin to build as players became keenly aware that any small mistake could knock them out of the tournament.

The 2015 NCV TTT concluded in the Main Common Room with the semi-finals and the final. Paddles were poised. A champion was to be crowned.

In the first semi-final match, Dan Hageman flexed his might as he won in straight sets over Omair Ali. The favourite, Dawn Ee, proved her status, also winning in straight sets over Aqib Chishty in the second match.

During the final between Dan and Dawn, the crowd experience a mix of stunned silence and raucous cheers, as each traded blows in a blistering battle of blurred balls. Ultimately, Dawn proved too much for Dan to handle. A champion was crowned. Reigning from New Zealand, the 2015 NCV TTT champion was Dawn, winning in straight sets 11-6, 12-10, 11-9.