A Researcher's Life at NCV

Monday 10 August, 2015
by Rachael Harland
Meet NCV resident Daniel Hageman

Meet NCV resident Daniel Hageman, completing his PhD with the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering

Daniel moved from the East Coast of the United States of America to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at UNSW. He is one of the five members of the MechBio team within the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering working on cutting-edge research to create maps of the human body using popular, user-friendly interfaces, such as Google Maps API. About this opportunity Daniel says: “Having an engineering background, along with a passion for people and the integration between engineering sciences and clinical medicine, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this team as I pursued my degree.” Upon the completion of his work, Daniel hopes to have contributed to bridging the gap between ‘global’ and ‘local’ physiological events of the human musculoskeletal system, and making a connection between engineering interfaces and clinical diagnostics.

Living at New College Village has provided Daniel with convenient accommodation and a welcoming community which he describes as “a perfect outlet for me each and every day I have spent in Sydney”. Despite initially being concerned about cooking for himself and meeting new friends, Daniel now appreciates his personal kitchen and enjoys participating in many of the NCV events and getting to know people that live on his floor.

During his first year in Australia Daniel realized that the people at NCV made his first year in Australia much better than he could have ever expected. Daniel says, “The diversity celebrated here is something unparalleled by any other college or institution that I have resided in during my undergraduate career. Whether nationally, demographically, intellectually, or spiritually, NCV has exposed me to cultures that I surely would have never been familiar with and never learned to truly appreciate.”

“The relationships formed here are unquestionably ones to last a lifetime,” says Daniel. “After such a great first year at UNSW, it is hard to believe that I am only scratching the surface of what the city, university, and people have to offer, and I can’t wait to carry on my studies over the next couple of years!”