Kaspar on his way to Brazil

Wednesday 11 February, 2015
by Jonathan Billingham
New College kayaker to compete in Brazil.

Slalom canoeing involves paddling down a river and negotiating a course of gates suspended above a river, all the while staying upright on the rapids. You have to go through green and white gates in the downstream direction and through red and white gates in the upstream direction. In a race, if you touch a gate you get a two second penalty and if you miss one, you get 50 seconds added to your time. So, the aim of the game is to get down the course as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Kaspar Fiebig is a current New Collegian who mainly competes in a double canoe with his brother Kristian. After a successful start to the year of racing in Eildon for the Australian Nationals and the Australian Open in Penrith, they were selected for the Australian Junior Slalom Canoe/Kayak Team. This involves going on a tour during April and May 2015 to compete at the Junior and U23 World Championships in Brazil as well as racing in the Pyrenees. The Junior and U23 Worlds will be held on an artificial white water course on the Parana River near the iconic Iguaçu Falls. On the Australian team will be Olympic Silver Medallist and World Champion, Jessica Fox, who will be looking to defend her titles.

(With thanks to Kasper Fiebig.)