Semester 2 NCCF Weekend Away 2015

Friday 11 September, 2015
by Rachael Harland
New Collegians spend a weekend away learning from the Bible

Each year in March and August the New College Christian Fellowship (NCCF) organises a weekend away for New College residents to spend some time learning from the Bible and having fun together. The weekends are an opportunity for residents from all faiths or none, to deepen their understanding of Christianity from a visiting speaker and each other. Recent past speakers have included church ministers Bryson Smith, Dave McDonald and Greg Lee; CMS missionaries Daniel Morris, Mike “Snowy” Snowdon and John Bales; AFES worker Gordon Cheng; and New Testament Professor Con Campbell. Many speakers are also alumni of New College.

The 2015 Semester 2 NCCF Weekend Away, saw about forty New Collegians travel to Gerringong on the South Coast of New South Wales. A series of short talks on the book of Revelation was given by Greg Blanch, minister of Orange Evangelical Church and New College alumnus. At first glance, Revelation is full of weird and wonderful apocalyptic imagery which can be intimidating to understand. Greg’s talks had a particular focus on how to read and interpret the challenging passages in Revelation, and how to apply them to everyday life.

NCCF president, Nick Stacey, summarised the weekend: “It was a fantastic opportunity to escape from the responsibilities of University and College life to learn about God and his plans for us, spend quality time with each other and relax by the beach (which, to the surprise of nobody, was freezing).”