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Bible Society Young Scholars

Tuesday 10 May, 2016
by Jonathan Billingham
What are these NC & NCV residents researching?

2016 Bible Society Young ScholarsBible Society Young Scholars has been launched in 2016 as a new program at New College in partnership with Bible Society Australia. The purpose of the program is to promote Christian scholarship amongst those living within the New College and NCV communities. Bible Society Young Scholars have the opportunity to explore the process of Christian scholarship by researching and writing on a topic with the support of a mentor.

The first successful applications to the Bible Society Young Scholars program are New Collegians Winona Jolliffe, Kaspar Fiebig, Hannah Grant, Theodore Jolliffe along with NCV Residents, Phila Hayes and Cathy Yu-Ching Chung. Each scholarship includes $2000 towards accommodation fees, academic resources from the Bible Society and support from New College for the Young Scholars to attend a conference or seminar relevant to their research project.

The topics chosen by the Young Scholars for their projects range widely. UNSW Medicine student & resident of NCV, Phila Hayes, will be investigating how Jesus’ interactions with the sick can inform interactions between patients and medical professionals. Cathy Yu-Ching Chung will look at ‘City planning to promote religious spaces and tolerance’.

At New College, 1st year Collegian Winona Jolliffe is set to tackle “Christian ethics in relation to the study and teaching of ancient history” while Kaspar Fiebig, a 2nd Year New Collegian, has chosen to study the relationship between the Qu’ran, the Bible and other historical sources.

“How development work can sensitively, appropriately and effectively include the gospel” will be the focus of Hannah Grant’s research as Theodore Jolliffe embarks on a project titled, “How technology can be used in Christian work: evangelism and community development”.

Bible Society Young Scholars is a wonderful opportunity for university students living at New College and NCV to explore how Christian faith and scholarship can respond to, inform, and shape our society for the better.