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Emily Rumble Awarded the Sir Robert Menzies Scholarship

Tuesday 23 August, 2016
by Emma Nelson
New College congratulates Emily Rumble (NC 2007-10) on being awarded the 2016 Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Scholarship in Law.

New College congratulates Emily Rumble (NC 2007-10) on being awarded the 2016 Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Scholarship in Law. New ‘n’ Old caught up with Emily to find out what this exciting news means for Emily.

What has life held for you since leaving New College?

Having left New College at the end of 2010, I spent the next two years finishing my Arts/Law degree while living close to campus with a terrific bunch of New College alumni! After finishing my studies, I had the privilege to work as an associate to Her Honour Justice Annabelle Bennett in the Federal Court of Australia, where I primarily assisted her Honour on the Apple v Samsung litigation.

I now work as a solicitor in the litigation group of the Sydney office of international law firm Herbert Smith Freehills, where I specialise in financial services regulation. I’ve also had several journal articles published in legal journals since graduating, and was the runner up for the 2014 NSW Rhodes Scholarship.

I still live in Sydney for the time being, but am looking forward to heading to Oxford later this year to study a Bachelor of Civil Laws (the equivalent of a Master’s degree), focusing on securities and financial regulation. I’m tremendously grateful to the Menzies Foundation for supporting this study through the award of the 2016 Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Scholarship in Law.

What are you hoping to achieve in the future (at Oxford and beyond)?

I plan to return to legal practice after Oxford, although it’s likely that I won’t return to Australia straight away. The area of law I work in is influenced by international regulatory developments, so it’s really important to have both academic and practical exposure to those developments. I hope to spend some time working in a global financial centre like Hong Kong or London before my return to Australia. Eventually, I plan to move into a position with a regulator like the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, which I hope will allow me to play a role in preventing a recurrence of a financial crisis like the GFC.

What are your memories and/or reflections from your time at New College?

I have tremendously fond memories of my time at New, and the great friends I made there, many of whom I continue to see regularly. One of the things that I continue to value about my time at New was how wonderful it was to live in a community devoted to learning and knowledge - I remember some great lunch time debates with my fellow Collegians (and not just about whether sandwich construction was, depending on your view, the best lunch of the week, or the worst!) One of the other things I miss about New was the sense of community and family that I felt while I was there - I was lucky enough to live in some amazing groups that really were my family away from home. It is really is a wonderful and very rare place that I feel very fortunate to have lived in for four years.

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