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Meet Hasan Al-Khater

Friday 24 June, 2016
by Emma Nelson
Meet current NCV resident Hasan Al-Khater, who has just submitted his Electrical Engineering research project.

Meet current NCV resident Hasan Al-Khater. Hasan has recently completed his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and has just submitted his major research project.

Hasan Al-Khater

Hasan chose to research the design of a power scavenging, energy harvesting technology for a wearable “fall detector”.

Energy harvesting technology is a device that can generate electricity from external sources such as hand movement, body heat and light. This electricity is used to supply energy to low power devices such as wireless sensor networks and medical devices. An example of this, and the focus of Hasan’s project is the fall detector.

A fall detector is a device used by elderly people that suffer from fall events due to low blood pressure or weakening leg muscles. Once the user falls, a notification is sent to caretakers to come and help. Immediate assistance is needed to prevent further psychological or physical damage to the patients.

Part of the reason Hasan chose this focus is his interest in entrepreneurship and start-up businesses. He loved the possibility of seeing energy harvesting being used in our everyday devices and appliances, and saw this as something he could work on creating in future.

Currently, Hasan is sponsored by a petroleum company called “Saudi Aramco”. He is contracted to work for them for five years, and plans to simultaneously work on his start-up. If his start-up is successful, he would ideally place his focus exclusively on that.

For now, Hasan is appreciating living at NCV during his studies.

“Living at NCV has been quite a blessing because it is really comfortable. It provides a setting that helps with concentration on my studies, and there is also a chance to socialise and have fun. Living in a shared apartment has introduced me to good friends here, in addition to the random encounters with NCV residents in the common room.”