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NCCF's Weekend Down South

Wednesday 24 August, 2016
by Emma Nelson
The New College Christian Fellowship went down the coast in early August for their biannual weekend away. We caught up with Kaspar Fiebig to hear about their time away.

Twice a year, New Collegians have the opportunity to get away from Sydney and spend a weekend hanging out and considering what the Bible says about life with the New College Christian Fellowship (NCCF).

This year’s president of the NCCF, Kaspar Fiebig, answered a few questions about what's involved in an NCCF Weekend Away.

Where did you go for the weekend?

We went down to Gerringong about 2 hours out of Sydney on the South Coast, where we stayed at Chittick Lodge.

What does a typical day look like on an NCCF weekend away?

A typical day on an NCCF weekend away starts at around 8am with breakfast. We have ex-collegians come back to be cooks for the weekend which is always a great opportunity to catch up with them. After this we all pack up the breakfast tables and then set up chairs for the first session of the day. During the session we sing some songs led by collegians, then some collegians give review of books that we have in the bookstall. The next part of the session is a talk from the speaker. This year we had Tim Rowe, an ex-collegian now studying at Moore College come to speak. Following this we break off into discussion groups where we reflect on the talk we’ve just heard. Then we have morning tea prepared by the cooks before having a second session. After the second discussion session we have lunch. Then we have free time for most of the afternoon and then dinner in the evening. After this we have a seminar on a topic which relates to the theme of the weekend, which is usually run by the Ministry Trainees from Campus Bible Study. After the seminar in the evening we again have some time to reflect on the seminar or to play games and get to know one another.

What is the purpose of going away for the weekend?

The purpose of going on Weekend Away is to be able to spend a day being taught God’s Word. It’s an opportunity for both Christians and non-Christians to learn and to be strengthened and encouraged in their faith, or to come to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour. It is also very nice to get out of Sydney for a little while and it’s also a great opportunity to get to know one another better.

What was your highlight?

For me, the highlight of the weekend was seeing non-Christians and new Christians come along to the weekend as this served to be a great encouragement for myself and others because it showed that Jesus is working in the community at New College. I also really enjoyed having some time to chill with friends.

The next weekend away will be held in March 2017, and any Collegians are encouraged to go along!