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Senior Residents Announced for 2017

Thursday 1 December, 2016
by Emma Nelson
The 2017 team of Senior Residents has been elected.

The team of Senior Residents have been elected at New College Village for 2017. The role of the Senior Residents is to help turn a building into a community. They are spread throughout the building on different floors, and add to the life of their floor in significant ways.

Some of the ways in which they do this is by serving as after-hours duty officers, encouraging weekly social activities, and spending time getting to know the residents on their floor so they are able to offer personal and academic advice when necessary.

Introducing the team for 2017….

-Daniel Hageman (Assistant Dean)

Daniel is 25 from the USA, and doing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. He’s currently working on an equivalent to a Google Map, but for the body. He’s been living at NCV since 2015, and was on the SR team. He was also involved in “God Conversations” this year.

-Hugh Miller (Senior Academic Tutor)

Hugh is 27 from Sydney. He’s completing his PhD in Engineering, exploring how to make concrete stronger with nanotechnology. He’s been a resident since 2014 and has been on the Senior Resident team for the past two years.

-Rhys Williams

Rhys Williams is 21 from Sydney. Has been on exchange in the USA this year (where he contracted meningitis and ended up in hospital for numerous weeks!) He is an Actuarial student who also is an AFL umpire and loves all things sports related.

-Dawn Ee

Dawn is 21 from New Zealand and a 4th Year Medical student. She had involvement in pioneering the Medical Student Musical Society. She is also the reigning NCV table tennis champion and was also high ranking in table tennis in New Zealand. Next year will be her fourth year at NCV.

-Brad Tucker

Brad is 22 from Balranald. Before commencing study in Science at Newcastle Uni, he joined the Army for a few years. He decided to apply for Medicine School last year after receiving commendable academic results – he’ll be going into his second year of Med in 2017.

-Kirsten Gronhovd

Kirsten is 25 from the USA and is currently doing the Juris Doctor. She is a retired cheerleader with a love for American football.

-Ridhi Dave

Ridhi Dave is 26 from India, and completing her Masters in Actuarial Studies. She moved into NCV in 2016 and prior to her Masters study had some significant roles with insurance companies in India.

Dawn Ee and Dan Hageman are two of the Senior Resident team in 2017.