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2017 Jared Pritchard Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Wednesday 14 June, 2017
by Jonathan Billingham

The Jared Pritchard Memorial Scholarship is named in memory of a very talented and creative young man who lived at New College for four years, but who sadly passed away in 2010. It is awarded each year New Collegians in recognition of their ability to contribute to the creative and performing arts.

Jared Pritchard Memorial Scholarship 2017 Recipient | Veronica Xu

I’m from Wollongong and have lived there since I was born. I love the close proximity of New College to everything in Sydney and the convenience of being able to live on campus.

I’m currently studying a double degree in Design and Media, majoring in Public Relations & Advertising. I am really enjoying it and think I want to work as a graphic designer or creative director in an agency, designing logos or campaigns for advertising. As well allowing me to follow my passion for designing and creating, I would like to think that I could really make a difference as a creator by contributing to positive change.

I love the way that New College has its own tight-knit community with its own spirit and individuality. New College has been the perfect opportunity to engage with others and make friends through all the events. Being able to help one another at any moment, whether with assignments, or just to borrow something has been so helpful. I have been able to get involved by designing the 2016 Ball invitations, tutor & RA t-shirts, Magazine cover and set design for New College Revue.

Receiving a scholarship from New College has been a great honour. It has given me the opportunity to develop my work in visual arts. The scholarship allows me to approach my education with more confidence and because of it; I am able to focus on important aspects of learning and creativity. Being able to be recognised for my artistic achievements has been a blessing and for that I am extremely grateful. Veronica

Jared Pritchard Memorial Scholarship 2017 Recipient | Emma Sargent

I hail from the leafy suburb of Frenchs Forest, north of Sydney. I have lived there my entire life, so it has been both thrilling and exhausting living at New College.

Growing up, you would never see me without a sketchbook and marker. I am now in my 2nd Year of studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts & Arts. It has been amazing to broaden my mind as well as have my current ideas about the world challenged. In the future I am hoping to be work in illustration and create a ton of art.

Thank you for encouraging me to continue to pursue arts, it is an area that is under appreciated and not funded enough. The fact that I am being supported by the College and through this scholarship blows me away. Thank you! Emma

Jared Pritchard Memorial Scholarship 2017 continuing recipient | Imogen Hunter

I’m from Orange, in rural NSW although I grew up living in the Pacific Islands, first in Samoa then in Fiji. This in my second year in Sydney and I’m enjoying it more than ever!

I’m definitely a bit of a guilty tourist, always finding myself with an overflowing list of new things and places to explore, and living at New College has been fantastic in providing me with an extraordinarily friendly and grounding community.

I have been at New College for a year and a half now. There is always something happening, and are always opportunities to get involved. I was given the opportunity to organise and curate the New College Art Exhibition last year. It was a fantastic experience and I was stunned by the amazing artistic talent among my fellow New Collegians.

Currently I’m in 2nd Year studying a Bachelor of Design (Honours) / Media (PR & Advertising). I was definitely always that kid reaching for a pencil or paintbrush in my spare time! I think growing up in the Pacific Islands played an important role in fostered a curiosity for visual arts.

In the future I want to utilise creative expression as well as real world knowledge to make a difference in modern society. In extending my interests in environmental and humanitarian issues I would like to see myself working in media communications or design work for creative studios and humanitarian agencies.

A massive thank you to those who have provided funds for the Jared Pritchard Memorial Scholarship! It really is a huge help to both me and my family and we all really appreciate it. Being a full time uni-student, relocating from a country town, and all of the associated costs - despite all the excitement, it's also a really challenging time financially. This really helps ease that burden, so again, thank you so much. Imogen