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Academic Tutors Announced for 2017

Tuesday 28 February, 2017
by Emma Nelson

Academic tutors have been selected from within the New College community for 2017. Each year, senior undergraduate students who have performed well in their own studies devote their time and skills to assist students in their earlier years.

The commitment of both the tutors and students involved has contirubted to fantastic academic results in the New College community in the past. On average, 45 percent of Collegians receive a distinction average each year.

The Academic Tutors for 2017 are:

  • Senior Academic Tutor, Johnny Wong: Calculus
  • Olivia Branson: Psychology
  • Daniel Larratt: Law & International Studies
  • Henry Bell: Biology & Chemistry
  • Jarrod Garlick: Business
  • Henry George: Algebra
  • Glenn McGuire: Computing
  • Henry O'Callaghan: Humanities
  • Scott Panzenbock: Physics & 1st Year Engineering
  • Jason Yan: Medicine
  • Andrew Long Peng: Medicine

New College places high value on academic achievement. Many alumni have gone on to complete higher degrees at some of the world’s leading institutions. These include Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and MIT.

We anticipate the celebration of academic achievement within the college community, past and present, in 2017.