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Fiebig brothers stoked to be representing Australia at World Championships in July

Monday 8 May, 2017
by Ash Braithwaite
The boys need our help to get to Slovakia to canoe for the U23s Australian Team!

Two years ago, Kaspar and Kristian Fiebig were competing at the Canoe Slalom World Championships in Brazil having made the Australian junior team. Earlier this year, the brothers took part in selection races at venues in New Zealand and Penrith hoping to qualify again for the Australian Canoe Slalom Team. This would allow them to compete in the U23 World Championships this July. After a lot of hard work and training sessions to overcome previous difficulties, the boys performed brilliantly at their final race, completing their course in just 119 seconds with only two penalties, and successfully making the team!

“It’s been great to see how we’ve improved, especially in the areas we’ve been focusing on recently. We’re really excited to head overseas again and represent Australia at the U23s” – Kaspar

The brothers are of course thrilled about the opportunity to spend a three week tour in Europe training, before heading to compete in Slovakia and then finishing up in the Czech Republic. However, the trip will be costing $13,000 for the pair, an amount not easily come by for two university students. Determined to not have finances stop them, Kaspar has recently created a GoFundMe page seeking funds and support from generous family, friends and strangers. Every dollar counts, and the Fiebigs are asking friends of New College for their kind support as they journey on towards the World Championships: “Any support would be greatly appreciated”.

So head on over to the GoFundMe page now ( and help the boys get to Slovakia! New College is proud to be sending its residents to various parts of the world as they achieve success and strive for excellence in what they are passionate about. Let’s work together to ensure Kaspar and Kristian see their hard work pay off!