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Meet the SRs for 2018

Wednesday 20 December, 2017
by Ash Braithwaite
6.5 nationalities represented!

One of the best attributes of NCV is that it is home to a smorgasbord of residents from every corner of the globe. Each year the Village is lucky enough to have a selection of these residents serve the community as Senior Residents on each floor. Allow us to introduce you to 2018’s outstanding team of SR’s…

Matt Bagg

Floor (2018): Level 1
Home City/Country: Harare, Zimbabwe
Years at NCV (2018): 4
Studying: PhD (Medicine) - Advancing treatment for chronic back pain
Previous NCV committees/activities involvement: Level 6 stalwart
Favourite sitcom: Seinfeld
Fun fact: I was the first collegian from NCV to write in CASE Magazine


Shuwen Yu

Floor (2018): Level 2
Home City/Country: Shenzhen, China
Years at NCV (2018): 3
Studying: Law (Juris Doctor)
Previous NCV committees/activities involvement: Cocktail Party
Favourite sitcom: How I Met Your Mother
Fun fact: Sometimes I get cold-calling that starts with “hey miss you” (since my surname is “YU”)

Dawn Ee

Floor (2018): Level 3
Home City/Country: Born in Singapore, raised in New Zealand
Years at NCV (2018): 5
Studying: Medicine (5th year)
Previous NCV committees/activities involvement: Band and Choir liaison; Christian Fellowship / Bible study leader; Social Sport co-ordinator; "Running Club" (quickly transformed into Foodies group)
Favourite sitcom: Sorry I'm boring and don't watch any :(
Fun fact: I love books, Arsenal, the smell of new train stations, and trying out new baking recipes!

Dan Hageman (Assistant Dean)

Floor (2018): Level 4
Home City/Country: Princeton, New Jersey USA
Years at NCV (2018): 4
Studying: PhD in Biomedical Engineering
Previous NCV committees/activities involvement: Senior Resident 2016, Assistant Dean 2017
Favourite sitcom: Curb Your Enthusiasm
Fun fact: 50% of doctors graduate in the bottom half of their class

Rebecca Blumberg

Floor (2018): Level 5
Home City/Country: Cape Town, South Africa
Years at NCV (2018): I have only been living at NCV for 6 months so far but it is already my home!
Studying: Juris Doctor (Law)
Previous NCV committees/activities involvement: Intellectual God Conversations, Tuesday night Suppers, Band member, NCV Cruise, research seminars and academic talks. Highlights so far were the end of year cocktail party and live screening of Q&A at ABC studios.
Favourite sitcom: Big Bang Theory
Fun fact: I have lived on 4 continents and travelled to 22 countries around the world

Sourabh Dhounchak

Floor (2018): Level 6
Home City/Country: Delhi, India
Years at NCV (2018): 2
Studying: Masters in Engineering Science (Structural Engineering)
Previous NCV committees/activities involvement: Actively involved in Masters Cup, BBQ nights, Culture Night, Diwali Night
Favourite sitcom: F.R.I.E.N.D.S :)
Fun fact: I played Cricket at the regional level in India and I'm a die-hard fan of the Australian Legend, Glenn McGrath!

Kirsten Gronhovd

Floor (2018): Level 7
Home City/Country: Phoenix, Arizona USA
Years at NCV (2018): 2
Studying: Finished Juris Doctor (law), currently getting certification through College of Law
Previous NCV Activities/involvement: Dance, God Discussions
Favourite Sitcom: Hawaii 5-0
Fun Fact: I was in a commercial for the Arizona Diamondbacks professional baseball team that aired during the World Series the year we won!