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New Collegians to run half marathon for Save the Children

Monday 15 May, 2017
by Ash Braithwaite
Sally Boardman and Tim Davis are eager to raise funds to make a difference

Two of our Residential Advisors have been training over the last several weeks to run in the SMH Half Marathon taking place this Sunday, May 21st. Sally Boardman and Tim Davis, both in their 3rd year at New College, have decided to “make the pain worthwhile” and raise funds for Save the Children Australia, a charity working locally and globally to improve quality of life and provide protection for disadvantaged children. When asked why they chose to run the SMH Half Marathon and support Save the Children, Sally shared:

It started out as a fitness goal I set last year and when I decided I definitely wanted to try and do it this year, Tim offered to do it with me as support. Once we had decided to do it I thought it would be good to raise money for a charity at the same time, to have an extra goal to work towards and to motivate training knowing I was doing it to help others as well.”

After participating in a trip to Bourke organised by College last year, Sally grew a heart for the underprivileged, especially those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. Having also seen the effects of generational disadvantage for Indigenous Australians during a medical placement at a Queensland prison, Sally became a passionate supporter of efforts specifically targeted at helping children born and raised in unsafe environments effected by war, poverty, domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse. Save the Children has many youth initiatives and rehabilitation programs that seek to improve living conditions and increase access to education for at-risk children throughout Australia and the world. (Find out more: )

Sally and Tim are urging people to give generously towards such an important cause. New College fully supports the initiative taken by these two and encourages people to seriously consider setting aside some money (perhaps what would ordinarily be spent on some coffees throughout the week!) to help those far less privileged than ourselves.

“We would love to raise some more money over the next week to help make a difference in the lives of children both here and across the globe for circumstances they have no control over. We would greatly appreciate your help!” – Sally

Please visit right now and be a part of the difference that Sally and Tim are running for!

The 21.1km race begins at 6.45am this Sunday, starting and finishing at Hyde Park. All the best to our inspiring Collegians!