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NCV hits 20 Research Seminars in a year!

Thursday 29 November, 2018
by Ash Braithwaite
A milestone for NCV Research in 2018

On November 27th NCV hit an impressive milestone. With a significant effort from Senior Academic Tutor Matthew Bagg, who has been organising seminars all year, the community celebrated the 20th Research Seminar for 2018 at NCV. A full list of speakers and their topic areas can be seen below. The commencement meeting for the research community in 2019 has already been set for February 13th.

It is worth recognising the unique nature of the thriving research community at NCV. As a postgraduate village, NCV is committed to providing its residents with plenty of support and opportunities for academic excellence. We look forward to having many more students present their research and engage in intellectual discussions at NCV in the years to come.



Degree, field (broad)


13th March

Mr Matthew Bagg (Senior Academic Tutor)

PhD candidate, Medicine

Commencement Meeting

27th March

Mr Daniel Hageman (Assistant Dean)

PhD candidate, Biomedical Engineering

Bridging the Gap between 'Global' and 'Local' Physiological Events of the Human Body

17th April

Mr Hugh Miller

PhD candidate, Civil Engineering

Surface-treated nano- and micro-fibres in concrete

24th April

Ms Jane Xu

PhD candidate, Law

Attempted abolition of the Chinese language in 19th century China

8th May

Mr Arpan Banerjee

PhD candidate, Law

Around the World in 80 Fellowships

Mr Jonathan Hopkins

Honours student, Materials Science

Synthesis of Water-Soluble Conducting Polymers

15th May

Mr Michael Jones

PhD candidate, Physics

Towards a scalable quantum computer in silicon

29th May

Ms Katherine Yates (6 months visiting from University of Canterbury, NZ)

PhD candidate, Geological Engineering

Rainfall-induced landslides in Akaroa, New Zealand

12th June

Ms Hira Syeda

PhD candidate, Computer Science

Formal Reasoning of a Virtual Memory System

26th June

Dr Sameera Durrani and Dr Aqib Chishty

NCV residents during PhD candidature (Humanities and Mechanical Engineering)

Maximising opportunities as an international postgraduate student

10th July

Mr Thanh Cong Vu

PhD candidate, Chemistry

Nanomedicine: Drug delivery to breast cancer cells

24th July

Mr Aref Samadi

PhD candidate, Electrical Engineering

Advanced Hydrogenation in Multicrystalline Solar Cells

7th Aug

Professor Bill Peirson (Master, NCV and NC)

Water and Environmental Engineering

How might we get fish over a dam wall?

21st Aug

The Community


Methods and Tools ‘roundtable’

4th Sep

Mr Lup Ean Lo

4th year Medicine ILP

3-minute thesis practice

Ms Renee Yee

4th year Medicine ILP

3-minute thesis practice

Ms Theophila Hayes

4th year Medicine ILP

3-minute thesis practice

18th Sep

Mr Mohammad-Ali Yaghub Zade Fard

PhD candidate, Computer Science

Training Data for Chatbots

2nd Oct

Ms Julia Wijaya

PhD candidate, Food Science

Do processes eliminate the nutritional values of your food stuffs?

Mr Thanh Cong Vu

PhD candidate, Chemistry

3-minute thesis practice

16th Oct

Ms Jayne O’Connor

PhD candidate, Law

Me Too? Spectacle, Sexual Violence Activism, and the Search for Justice on Social Media

30th Oct

Ms Alyce Dowling

Honours student, Ecology

Transgenerational plasticity: Comparing the capacity for non-genetic inheritance of plastic traits in clonally vs sexually derived plant offspring

13th Nov

Professor Clifford Jones (Visiting Fellow to New College)

Chemical Engineering

A cubic mile of oil

Ms Janet Miller

PhD candidate, Medicine

Meaningful relationships for people expressing dementia-associated neuropsychiatric symptoms in care homes

27th Nov

Mr Pornthana Sakchuenyos

PhD candidate, Accounting

Influences on Engagement Partners’ Judgments on Unrelated Audit Tasks