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Gowns, Good times and Goodbyes

Tuesday 30 October, 2018
by Ash Braithwaite
2018 Cocktail Night one to remember

On the evening of October 20th, the NCV Main Common Room was transformed into a breathtaking scene, hosting an array of balloons and fairy lights which spilled out into the courtyard, and dozens of dashing residents in formal attire. This year’s Cocktail Night had residents being waited on hand and foot as they enjoyed canapés, drinks, music and good company. Senior Resident Rebecca Blumberg and a small team of creative volunteers coordinated the event and did a marvellous job in organising a memorable night for all who attended.


Dean Susan Bazzana officiated the event and dedicated some time to thank Master Bill Peirson, as well as other NCV staff and Academic Tutors for their support to the Dean and residents over the year. A very special thanks was given to the dedicated team of Senior Residents who work hard to ensure that the community life of NCV flourishes, with particular gratitude towards Assistant Dean Dan Hageman who has recently completed his thesis and will be returning to the United States in the coming weeks.


Dan has been invaluable in helping Susan with NCV pastoral issues and other challenges throughout his time as Assistant Dean over the past 2 years. He is a warm and friendly face who will surely be missed in the community. During a heartfelt speech Dan shared his wonderful experience of NCV and what the community has meant for him as an international PhD student. Dan has certainly given back to the College he has called home for 4 years. (Photo left: Susan and Dan)

Of course the Cocktail Night also serves as a way to formally recognise people who have stood out as leaders within the NCV community and made significant contributions to the life of the College. The NCV Service Award is given to someone who has made a lasting impression in areas of college life such as music, sport, the arts, cultural or social life. This year’s recipient was new resident Michael Sheppard, whose passion and sharing of films and attendance at several of the regular academic and social events offered at NCV were appreciated by all.


The NCV Award is given each year to the resident who has made the greatest contribution to the community life of the College through their involvement and commitment to NCV values such as friendship, creative initiative and openness to academic, social and cultural diversity. This year’s worthy recipient, Srikanth Vijayakumar, was recognised for his friendly disposition, his management of the Social Committee and his running of events like the Wildlife Trip, Harbour Cruise and dance classes. A big congratulations to Michael and Srikanth for their well-deserved awards. (Photo above right: Award winners Michael and Srikanth)