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Tough Meddies Do It In A Dress

Monday 12 November, 2018
by Ash Braithwaite
Fundraising in the mud for girls' education

2018 New College fresher Michael Orjekh (far left) and another half-dozen medicine students were recently seen donning school dresses for an entire day of class at UNSW. Did they lose a bet? Was it a prank? What led these bright-eyed 1st years to wake up, slip on a school dress and head off to university? Well it’s all for a cause, of course. Michael and his teammates, the Tough Meddies, have signed themselves up for the “Do It In A Dress” challenge to raise money for girls everywhere to have equal access to education.

Over 130 million girls around the world are denied an education. The “Do It In A Dress” campaign seeks to improve quality of life for young women throughout the world simply by enabling each girl to finish high school. Without an education a girl can remain stuck in the cycle of poverty, and struggle to earn an income or look after herself and her family. However, a girl's income increases by between 10-25% for every year she stays in school!

I've never been discriminated against or faced issues in life because of my gender and can't possibly imagine how it is”, shares Michael. He and Tough Meddies have decided to do the epic (and muddy!) 16 km endurance obstacle course Tough Mudder on the November 17-18th weekend, and of course, they’ll do it all in a dress!

Tough Meddies have set a goal of raising $5000, which means funding education for up to 17 girls to reach their high school graduation! Head to and donate to help change the lives of young women.