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Dive In to O-week 2019

Wednesday 13 February, 2019
by Ash Braithwaite
Freshers get deep in fun

We are nearly halfway through New College’s “Dive In” themed O-week for 2019, and boy has a lot of fun been had! Group bonding, bush dancing and skit night meant a great start to the week. And we can’t neglect to mention practicing this year’s Fresher dance again and again (and again), racing around campus and the city on a scorching hot day, and eating pizza under the Harbour Bridge before visiting some of Sydney’s popular pubs and dessert bars. This morning the Freshers of 2019 have set off to enjoy jet boating around Darling Harbour and some time at Manly beach. So if you’re in either of those areas today and you see (or smell!) a sea of bold green (the colour of the 2019 Fresher shirts, which are forced to be worn and sweated in for the whole 8 days of O-week) you’ll know that exhausted but enthusiastic young bunch are from New!

Many more exciting activities are planned for the rest of Dive In O-week, including the Fresher Formal dinner tonight (one of the few times Freshers may finally rid themselves of their Fresher shirt for a couple of hours). Be sure to watch Sunrise on Channel 7 tomorrow morning to catch a look at Collegians performing their Fresher dance on live tv! For now, here are a few good snaps of Dive In fun: