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Meet NCV's First Ph.D. Graduate

Thursday 27 June, 2019
by Ash Braithwaite
Alumnus Adam Carr's career took an unexpected turn!

Alumnus Dr Adam Carr (NCV 2009) did his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at UNSW researching supercritical fluids, and was the first resident of NCV to be conferred with a Ph.D.. Spending a lot of time in a lab with his professor, Adam picked up some pearls of wisdom along the way. One such pearl came on a day when their research turned south and didn't quite give the expected or hoped for results. In fact, it was deemed by Adam an utter failure. "Don’t ever see failure as a roadblock," Adam's mentor said, "but see it as a potential opportunity to start something new and grow yourself." These words were the motivation Adam needed to boost his creativity and start seeing new possibilities for his research in supercritical fluids.

At the NCV Research Afternoon Tea for residents, alumni and their Academic Supervisors as part of NCV's 10th Anniversary Celebrations, Adam spoke of how his knowledge of supercrticial fluids was unusually but beautifully applied to the coffee industry. Adam is now Head of the Coffee Science & Education Centre at Seven Miles, an Australian award-winning coffee roasting company. He provided some delicious fresh coffee from Seven Miles at the afternoon tea, and spoke on ‘Embracing the Unexpected’. Adam is excited to be one of the first Chemical Engineers in coffee roasting!

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