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The Averagers save the day

Monday 4 November, 2019
by Ash Braithwaite

The Averagers, this year’s New College Students’ Association theatrical Revue, drew in crowds over three nights from October 31 to November 2. Directors Andrew Burvill and Sam Pietsch, and producers Maddie Sedgwick, Melody Ranger and Tom Tugwell, certainly hit this one out of the park! The skits, fillers and main sequence had everyone in stitches. As per usual, there was no shortage of musical talent as nearly 20 Collegians performed smash hits with what can only be acknowledged as ‘New College flare’. This year’s dance choreography brought the dances to a whole new level, and audiences loved seeing the Master, Bill Peirson, and Vicki, our beloved New College receptionist, make an appearance in the Revue film. The tech desk and all those backstage worked tirelessly to get the show running so smoothly, you’d almost forget they were there. The whole cast and crew deserves a huge congratulations on such a tremendous 2019 Revue. Many have been claiming this to be the best Revue they’ve seen to date, with the new Dean of Residents remarking, “It was genuinely funny (full stop),'' end quote. Surely this year’s Revue is a marker of more brilliant productions in the years to come!