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A First Paper Published!

Friday 14 February, 2020
by Adela Davis

Christine Sun arrived at New College in 2018 and has been enjoying the community ever since – especially Love Week and Assassin’s Week! However, behind the scenes, she has been diligently working away at her Bachelor of Civil Engineering. Recently, this hard work paid off with Christine being accepted into UNSW’s Taste of Research scholarship program. This initiative gives a select group of upper year engineering students the opportunity to join a UNSW research team for 45 days “to understand what real research is about at university and in industry”.

Christine joined a project related to water treatment. Generally, her interests lie more in the structural and geotechnical engineering field, but this change of direction clearly worked out well for her! The research her team conducted has just been published in the journal  Water Research. The paper specifically evaluates the performance of a particular kind of desalination technology.

Christine is thrilled to have her first paper published and is looking forward to pursuing academia further, starting with the completion of her honours thesis this year.

Above L and R: Equipment used in the research project