COVID-19 College Precautions

Emergency Control Procedures for COVID-19 for New College and New College Postgraduate Village

This bulletin was last updated on 11/1/22. It will continue to be updated on an as needs basis.

New College Response

Responsible Officer Master
Associated Documents The New College Handbook & The New College Postgraduate Village Handbook
Review Date 11 January 2022
Version 3.0
Authorised by The Master
Responsible Officer The Master
Approval Date 12 January 2022
Effective Date 12 January 2022


Our college communities have remained open throughout the pandemic with no positive cases until mid-December 2021. Our Colleges operate so that each and every resident can travel from the outside of the College building to their bedroom without physical contact with any solid surface. Hand cleansing has been permanently available at the entry points of each College and community dining areas since the beginning of the pandemic.

Based on large-scale vaccination of the adult population in Australia, the Australian and New South Wales Governments have changed their approach to the management of COVID-19. Now that high levels of vaccination have been achieved in New South Wales, these governments have determined that the economy should open up.

This bulletin is to advise regarding the processes that we have in place to protect each and every member of our communities. Our advice is to be understood in the context of Government physical distancing requirements being applied to all activities as well as the bulletins from:

In summary, both residential communities are at full vaccination apart from three people who have been permitted to move to Level 1 at New College Postgraduate Village until their membership contracts terminate in early February 2022.

Preventing transmission and infection

  1. Conventional COVID health precautions (handwashing at all college entry points, personal hygiene) will continue to be practised.
  2. All members of the college communities (students, staff, official visitors) are required to maintain full COVID vaccination, except where there is documented medical exemption. College staff will facilitate arrangement of booster shots, as necessary.
  3. Density limits of one person per 2 square metres will be applied to all college activities involving more than 20 participants until further notice.
  4. Mask wearing is recommended where there is increased risk. Mask wearing is compulsory for all staff except where they are working in isolation or in the provision of pastoral care and academic tuition.
  5. All college visitors and contractors must provide evidence of full vaccination and pre-register with the college reception with at least one working day’s notice prior to entry to the college. Visiting hours are restricted to 9am to 10:30pm. College residents are restricted to one visitor at a time, except with the permission of the relevant Dean of Residents.
  6. College receptions, Resident Advisers and Senior Residents will be actively monitoring and advising any issues of concern to the relevant Dean of Residents.

Isolation of potentially infected individuals

  1. Anyone (staff, residents and official guests) exhibiting flu-like symptoms will be isolated from the rest of the college community.
  2. Anyone who is unwell must isolate and immediately advise their supervisor or our College receptions (monitored 24 hours) on 9381 1999 (New College) and 8344 4500 (NCV). Unwell residents will only be released from isolation with the permission of the relevant Dean of Residents. The Dean will require a documented negative PCR test or two documented negative RAT tests taken two days apart, whichever occurs soonest.
  3. There is no direct ventilation cross connection between college bedrooms. This includes college air conditioning systems.
  4. Anyone in isolation will be provided with a mask and gloves which must be worn when outside their room to use essential facilities, attend a medical consultation or in case of fire emergency.
  5. Unwell residents will provide to the Dean of Residents a list of their contacts within college over the preceding three days.
  6. Any contacts within college of an unwell resident will also enter isolation. They will only be released from isolation with the permission of the relevant Dean of Residents. The Dean will require a documented negative PCR test or a documented negative RAT test, whichever occurs soonest.
  7. Any NCV resident or official guest who receives a positive COVID test will remain in isolation in their room. Any New College resident or official guest who receives a positive COVID test will be isolated in one of the New College guest flats. An infected person will only be released from isolation with the permission of the Dean of Residents and according to NSW Health guidelines (presently, seven days from first diagnosis and without ongoing symptoms). They must continue to wear a mask for in the public spaces of the relevant college for the subsequent three days.
  8. The college community will be advised when a resident tests positive to COVID.
  9. RAT tests, meals and laundering will be provided to any resident or official guest in college who has been isolated, at their cost.
  10. Isolated residents will be permitted to contact the College receptions 9am to 5pm weekdays with personal requests. College will endeavour to accommodate any reasonable request.
  11. Any residents contacted by NSW Health must follow any instructions and provide a copy of these to the relevant Dean of Residents immediately.
  12. Precautionary principles will apply. If the Deans or Master are uncertain regarding the health status of anyone, they will be isolated until medical clearance is granted. Anyone not co-operating with an instruction from the Deans or Master will be asked to leave College immediately.