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NCV Research Community Kicks Off

Tuesday 3 March, 2020
by Adela Davis
Anna Xavier
NCV Senior Academic Tutor, Anna Xavier

One of the main ways New College Postgraduate Village seeks to support its postgraduate residents is through regular Research Community meetings. This year’s program kicked off on 3 March 2020, beginning with dinner, introductions, and a time for sharing research-related news.

Senior Academic Tutor, Anna Xavier, then gave a stimulating presentation on her PhD research, which focuses on language and literacy education for refugee-background students in regional NSW. The ensuing 30-minute question time saw some animated discussion regarding the continuing relevance of this research over time, considering that refugee education policies are changeable based on the political environment.

It was a productive conversation, and by the end of the evening, the group came to a consensus that, regardless of changing government policies, language and literacy would always be key for refugee-background and culturally/linguistically diverse students in accessing mainstream curriculums and obtaining successful educational outcomes.

This was a great start to what will be a diverse and fascinating collection of NCV Research Community meetings over the coming year.