Master’s Challenge 2021

Friday 5 November, 2021
by Misako Morita

New College & NCV fought for the Master’s Challenge 2021 on Sunday, 24th October, in the NCV courtyard. Collegians gathered for a day of friendly rivalry to claim victory in volleyball and pool and made some excellent connections between the communities.

And the winner is...?

New College, congratulations!

“At the end of the afternoon, New College was victorious in both sports! It was a lovely afternoon in the sun in the NCV courtyard, with refreshments, a barbecue and plenty of social volleyball games too, and the relaxing atmosphere was appreciated by all as a nice break from studying,” said Chloe, The New College Students’ Association (NCSA) Sports Director.

“The Master’s Challenge is always a fun and exciting event. Volleyball is one of my favourite sports and so I set out to organise the team for this event. We did not win, but I really enjoyed being able to play volleyball a whole afternoon with some really good and active players from New College,” said Aref, who organised the NCV volleyball team.

Residents are already eagerly anticipating the next Master’s Challenge in 2022!