Night in White

Tuesday 16 November, 2021
by Lillian Podbury

On the 12th of November, the New College Students’ Association (NCSA) held the College’s annual fundraising Night in White party over at New College Postgraduate Village (NCV). Night in White is an evening where students dress in white and decorate their clothes in fluorescent paint under UV light.

The primary purpose of the night, however, is to raise money and awareness for Mary’s House, a domestic violence shelter. We raise money through donations, but all refreshment profits also go to the shelter. I’m very proud to say the collegians successfully raised at least $130 on profits alone (at the time of writing this article, we’re still hoping to receive more from donations!). 

Special thanks to everyone who donated and the collegians who bleached their hair to help raise awareness for this cause (Matthew Chapman, Andrew Van Gelderen, Millie Carrol, Micah Wang, Tom Kirk, Josh Spratt and Ruby Chang).

Click here to find more information about Mary’s House and the work they do for women and children escaping domestic abuse.