NCV, as a "Caring" community - Comments from Maverick

Tuesday 7 June, 2022
by Misako Morita

The best in University living is feeling safe to thrive.

The New College Communities offer a safe and caring environment. We recently asked one of our current New College Postgraduate Village (NCV) residents, Maverick, some questions. He kindly shared his experiences and thoughts about his life at NCV, looking back at the time when he needed to remain in isolation in his room after testing positive for COVID-19.

During my COVID-19 ordeal, there was always someone I could turn to at NCV.

Why did you pick NCV as your accommodation?

“As I was slightly older than the usual freshmen, I looked for an on-campus self-catered accommodation that catered to mature students. NCV offers the perfect combination of a college experience, as well as freedom and privacy, with it being targeted toward postgraduate students. Moreover, many seniors before me lived in NCV, and many had good things to say about the College, which pushed me to apply and pick NCV as my accommodation.”

Has living on campus or at NCV been what you expect it to be?

“Yes, living at NCV has been what I expected. I wanted an experience that allows me to have my privacy and freedom while also having a supportive and inclusive community that I can turn to. In addition, living on campus has been quite convenient, as it is literally in the University compound near all the places that I would visit as a UNSW student.”

Regarding your COVID-19 isolation period, what were the best aspects of support from the College?

“The college provided me three meals a day and frequently checked in on me. This was extremely helpful, and I did not feel so stranded. I imagined myself living off-campus, and if I had to isolate myself, it would be a nightmare, and I would probably have to survive on poorly cooked/instant meals or starve.”

Did you feel secure during your isolation period?

“Yes, definitely. It was reassuring that there was always someone I could turn to, whether the Dean, the SR, or even the neighbours on my level, if I needed emergency medical attention during my COVID-19 ordeal.”

Finally, what is the community like at NCV for you?

“The NCV community is pretty easy-going and welcoming. Although we do not necessarily meet and hang out all the time, simple greetings along the corridor really help foster the inclusivity and general welcoming feeling. For the more social ones, I believe there are an array of activities that are always planned, and I really appreciate all the effort the college team put in to organise these activities.”

New College and NCV are not simply housing for UNSW students; each college is a community that fosters strong friendships and academic excellence. We offer real pastoral care, supporting you throughout your time with us. Join our caring and diverse communities, living and learning together!

(pictured from L to R: Junning, Juliana, Maverick)